Made for Me™ Double Wearable Breast Pump

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Constant Comfort: Smart ConstantComfort technology is specially designed to mimic your baby’s natural suckling sensation and holds the pump in place for an effective, yet gentle pumping experience.

Supporting App: Control the pump remotely, customize intensity and modes and even visualize milk output through the easy-to-use app.

  • 8x Expression modes
  • 1x Massage mode 

Feed directly from the pump: The 5oz pump milk collector bottle is compatible with our Closer to Nature screw rings and nipples, so you can make your own bottle with guaranteed acceptance.

Nipple Alignment Light Guide: Especially useful in dark settings, you can ensure a better and more comfortable positioning of your nipple by using the light guide to direct you.


As the suction frequency of wearable breast pump is different from traditional breast pump, it is important that you start from the lowest intensity and then work your way up gradually.

Download the TommeeTippee app, Register an account and log in. Turn on the pump and then press and hold the power button until the LED light flashes blue. You will see a popup appear in the TommeeTippee app, and then you can add the pump. The pump uses Bluetooth to pair to your phone Please Note: You will need to do this for each pump separately

There are lots of reasons why your milk production fluctuates overtime, but if you know you're getting less than "normal" then there are a few things to try:

  • Check the alignment of your nipple in the pump. It's important that the center of your nipple is inserted at the center of the horn / flange.
  • Check the size of the horn / flange you are using. It's important that the horn / flange feels comfortable and doesn't draw in too much of your breast tissue.
  • Check the seal when pump is running. The pump should feel very secure once the program starts.
  • Check the fit in your bra. If the pump feels "squashed" against your breasts, try one of the provided bra adjusters to loosen the fit slightly.
  • Check the intensity settings. Finding a setting that is comfortable and effective wll produce the best combination of comfort and output
  • Your pack comes with spare parts so the entire collector bottle can be stored in the fridge or freezer until you're ready to feed with it.
  • On the counter top the milk can be stored for 6 hours.
  • In the refrigerator at the lowest temperature, the milk can be stored for 6 days.
  • In the freezer at the lowest temperature the milk can be stored for 6 months.

Our Madeforme in-bra wearable breast pump provides 4hr+ hand free pumping